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Intimate massage sessions in London W1

MiaThere is a reason why our special therapies are called London massage sessions – because the masseuses focus entirely on the man’s intimate area. Another name for this exquisite massage technique is lingam massage, which comes from the Sanskrit word lingam, which can be roughly translated through the expression vessel of light.

And this expression is a very revealing one, showing us that all the pleasure a man feels during an intense orgasm isn’t necessarily sexual in nature. Granted, his essence flows through his penis, but that doesn’t mean at all that it resides in there or in his testicles. The lingam massage is, this way, an intimate therapy which makes the men realize his full potential – while it doesn’t bring the benefits of a regular massage therapy, it will surely bring at least some and even more important other ones.

During a London massage session, the experienced London Escort purpose will not be to make you reach the orgasm as soon as possible. Instead, the pleasure needs to be prolonged for as long as possible – so, by using her experience, she will always avert you from reaching the climax, while also helping you to maintain your erection. Take your time and learn to trust the one beside you, because the pleasure you will feel in the end will be more intense and will last longer than anything you have previously experienced.

BarbaraThis therapy will yield some benefits which will improve the overall aspects of your life. More importantly, as a man, this therapy will improve the intimate aspects of your life, which in turn will make you ease all the stress and tension. There are some health benefits from which you can take advantage of, besides curing erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation.

Your intimate area isn’t just the penis and testicles, but also the perineum and even the prostate. While you need to ask for a prostate massage for the masseuse to give you one, your perineum will certainly be massaged during the session. And this is basically an external massage of the prostate which, when repeated as a therapy, will prevent some serious illnesses from which only men can suffer.

So leave aside all your thought of other happy-ending massage parlours – by the hands of our naughty and sexy London private massage therapists you will feel pleasure for the entire duration of your special session. And when you will see that this actually happens, you will too come again and again, as often as possible. Sure enough, the pleasure won’t be all yours – but while yours will be a physical one, we will rejoice in the sincere and satisfied smile you will give us when your first tantric massage session will be over.

So don’t wait because now you have found the perfect means of relieving all the stress and tension from your body. Come and have a lingam massage with any of our beautiful masseuses and you will too be convinced that we are the only ones that you should visit. Call us for your first London massage session – we are waiting for you with open arms and steady hands to show you that pleasure is much more than you thought about it.

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Deluxe massage sessions

AmyAt our W1 London massage parlour you will feel what it is like to be treated like a real VIP! From the first moment when we will welcome you, you will realize that you have entered a shrine dedicated to you, our friend, and that everything that you are the centre of everything that surrounds you: you are our star and we are here to serve you.

Your beautiful masseuse will greet you in an even more special way, with the same sincere smile, but dressed only with a see through robe – it will do a poor job in hiding all her voluptuous forms, revealing also the naughtiest lingerie you have ever seen. Always smiling and always looking in your eyes, she will take your hand and sit you on a comfortable armchair. She will hand you a glass of red wine or a cup of herbal tea, depending on your preferences, and then you will just talk for a bit.

This perfect beginning for our London massage W1 sessions is the perfect chance for you to loosen up a bit and make yourself comfortable, as well as for her to find out what you need. Then, as you continue sipping your beverage, she will stand up and slowly unveil her entire splendour – with the most erotic movements, she will help you with your clothes, until the both of you are naked.

AmelieFollow her lead, because only this will bring you satisfaction. Let her take your hand again, this time to the bubbly bathtub, where an exquisite soapy massage session will follow. If before that you just spoke with her and you told her what you need, now it will be when she will know first-hand what really pleases you – and just think about this, since the actual massage session hasn’t started yet.

But all this magic will continue with the most erotic and sensual massage techniques, on a very comfortable air mattress. In here only your imagination is the limit – and if this fails you, rest assured: your naughty London massage W1 angel will know what to do to take you over and over again on the highest peaks of pleasure.

And, after moments of intense pleasure, after you have experienced the longest orgasm ever, you will have what you have always deserved: true relaxation, peace that will enable you to regenerate all the vitality you have lost during the week.

One single massage session with all our beautiful ladies will convince you that we are indeed the best. We will welcome you afterwards every time you come, even happier than before: it will be our extreme pleasure to show you how we can change your life, to show you that there is hidden beauty inside of everything that surrounds you.

And, in the end, if you are not convinced by our words, you can always check out our superb masseuses: they are even more beautiful in reality, since a picture is just a picture and it will never capture perfection.

So call us now and make your first massage London W1 appointment. We know everything there is to know about massage therapies and we know how to make a man feel like a god. Come and welcome satisfaction into your arms again.

Come and you will never be disappointed again.