Advanced London Massage Methods

In the advanced London Massage saloons, you will see maps of the body hanged on the walls, maps that will reveal the best methods for each part of the body. An experienced London Escort therapist will always start a session by asking the client about his or hers preferences. The body map must be respected, but generally, the best specialists have their own techniques that are considered some kind of personal discoveries, techniques that are applied only for certain pains and certain requests of the clients.

A good therapist must use his palms, fingers, and to cover all the areas of the body. Although face, legs and body massage are sometimes considered different, clients prefer to benefit if a complete package, even if they need to stay for more than two hours at the Massage London salon. After all, you will probably attend once a month, so it is important to benefit of complete attention.Incall massage London .

Start with light moves, relaxing the body at the same time. Move the palms in the area of shoulders and unite the fingers while you get down on the ribs. Squeezing is another good technique, but the therapist must pay attention to the reactions of the patient, as those moves might be painful for some, especially for people that already suffer of skin, bones and articulation diseases.

A light technique is the one made only with the fingertips, but make sure that your nails are not weapons! A specialized therapist will always have the fingernails cut. This is not only a method to make sure that the patient feels great, but also it also creates a positive image for the London Massage saloon. There is nothing more unpleasant for a client than dirt under the fingernails of a masseuse, and you can be sure that the client will surely refuse the session.

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What you must not do

A specialist in tantric massages knows that it is not recommended to press or pressure the spine, as it is painful, and it can create neurological problems. Even pressing the abdomen is painful for some, but this technique is recommended for treating some diseases. The therapist must ask the client if the doctor allows this kind of service.

The London Massage specialist must not stop the massage once it has begun. Besides the fact that the body of the patient will get “colder”, the entire charm of massaging is lost.

Massage is not only great for the body. The forehead and the head skin contain important nervous centers that must be stimulated for the best effects.Make happy ending massage .

The massage does not only give a good state of mind, but it is also a good therapeutic method. When it comes to massage, the entire attention must be fixed in the back, shoulders and legs, but as said before, the head skin must be treated separately.

No matter if you need relaxation or medical service; you will have to be certain that you choose the right London Massage salon that can offer you the best services ever.